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DirectHome Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company founded by Kiegan Chia. As an online property platform (www.directhome.com.sg), DirectHome allows buyers and sellers of resale properties to transact without the necessity of real estate agents, at no or extremely low-costs.

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DH’s business model is easily transportable globally and it sees its market as global, with immediate plans to facilitate low-cost, efficient transactions in Southeast Asia and Australasia before branching to the United States, the United Kingdom then to the rest of the world. DH will use the ICO proceeds to expand its scope of services via three milestones.

Proven Track Record

DirectHome’s ICO is unlike many other ICOs and blockchain companies because it is based on an already successful and profitable business model which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap.

Track record

Our major shareholders & advisors

DirectHome's success has not gone unnoticed. Its shareholders include Wang Shuang (Vice Chairman and CEO of HNA Group (International) Company Limited) and Jin Chensu (MD, Cyrius International Pte Ltd). DirectHome’s Advisors include Daniel Teo (Chairman, Hong How Group & former President of FIABCI and REDAS), Michael Chan (former MD, Bank of New York Mellon) and John Gaw (CEO, LandConsult & former Deputy Commissioner of Lands, Singapore Land Authority).


Crowdsource Contributory Platform

A dynamic and real time holistic contributory platform for anyone to participate and be rewarded with DIREC tokens when property information is uploaded into our platform, making DirectHome the complete database of real estate globally.

Contributory platform

Enormous Potential

In sum, real estate is worth some US$220 trillion (Savills, 2017), constituting 60% of global wealth (including equities, bonds and gold) and approximately 2.7 times of global GDP (Savills, 2016). In Singapore, total transaction sales values in 2017 for residential property alone was S$50 billion. Taking a modest 1.5% in sales commission, this works out to be a whopping S$750 million in sales commission of untapped market with PropTech technology. DirectHome has the capacity to be the leading platform because it provides unique, real value to consumers, locally and globally.


Our Mission

DirectHome Global is a decentralized, crowdsourced and transactional platform that provides the complete real estate database globally and facilitates property transactions between all existing stakeholders (home owners, seekers, agents, developers) in an efficient ecosystem via the Ethereum blockchain with smart contract implementation within the tokenomics infrastructure.


At DirectHome, we are using blockchain technology with smart contracts as the core engine to build up a real time, crowdsourced contributory platform for the real estate industry. Smart contracts will be written in Ethereum Solidity to drive accounting / ERC-20 token movement.


Milestone 1 - Expansion of Services in the Resale Market





Segmented service offerings
High transactional fees
No effective advertising platform
Lack of procedural knowledge

Comprehensive service offering
Free Listing
Express Listing
Full Agent (Flat fee)
Full Agent (Market rate)


Limited leads generation

Dynamic matching in Ranking System


Lack of all-inclusive and transparent property platform

Real time contributory platform
Crowdsource contribution


Difficulty in engaging public contribution

Earn DIREC tokens
Crowdsource tokenomics infrastructure

Milestone 2 - Expansion of Primary Sale Services





Non incentivised channel for buyers
Ineffective buyer lead generation

Consolidated online advertising platform
Structured stream of buyer leads


Information inconvenience
(no virtual tours, stack and level views)

Virtual tours creation, complete with 3D models with video images of outside views


Incomplete catalogue of all new property launches

Contributory platform of complete catalogue of property launches
Crowdsource contribution
Earn DIREC tokens

Milestone 3 – DirectHome Global





No global platform to connect international home seekers to properties globally

DirectHome Global Platform


No database of comprehensive listings on a global scale

Developers & owners listings
Virtual tours
DIREC tokens rewards


Buyer’s unfamiliarity on foreign rules & regulations

Rules and restrictions
Financing and payments
Loan mortgages
Taxation & duties


Costly marketing operations by developers

Marketing campaign package
Targeted demographic via digital & social media marketing
Regularly promoted
Concurrent in various markets
Efficient & Cost effective
Global visitors of platform

Value of DIREC Token


DirectHome’s tokenomics supports the growth and demand of DIREC tokens as its service is pegged to the fiat equivalent and a 10% discount is applied when DIREC tokens are used.
Together with its crowdsourced contributory system, the platform is built at super-charged speed.
As the total number of DIREC tokens are finite and no further tokens will be generated, this deflationary model makes DIREC tokens more valuable over time.

Our Roadmap

April 2018

Private Sale of DIREC Token

May 2018

Launch of DIREC Token Sale

November 2018

Milestone 1: Expansion of Services in the Resale Market

Expansion of secondary sale services in providing the public a comprehensive range of options when transacting all residential properties

Provision of a reward-based, real time crowdsource contributory platform in building a one-stop info database of all completed residential properties

January 2019

Milestone 2: Expansion of Primary Sale Services

Development of buyer and seller lead generation platform

Creation of a consolidated advertising platform for a complete catalogue of all new primary property sales

June 2019

Milestone 3: DirectHome Global

Creation of a global real estate platform to connect buyers (and tenants) from anywhere in the world to properties globally

Comprehensive handbook on rules and regulations, taxation and financing for 5 cities

Structuring Marketing Campaign Package for developers in advertising their properties and reaching out to the targeted audience

Forum for discussion threads and community sharing

DirectHome Global Expansion into another 20 cities

Meet The Team


Kiegan Chia

Founder, CEO

Kiegan Chia is the Founder and CEO of DirectHome. Prior to this, Kiegan was an elite top-performing realtor with more than 7 years of experience before deciding to take the leap of faith to found DirectHome in 2015. Analytical, deep thinking, structured, meticulous, tenacious and acutely aware of customer’s needs, Kiegan has a deep knowledge of global property trends and economic movements. A natural entrepreneur, Kiegan is also an ICO Advisor and cryptocurrency investor. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.


Alan Lee


Alan has more than 20 years of successful experience in the tech arena. He founded his first ecommerce business in 2002 then went on to start a digital agency – major clients included SC Global and DBS Bank. In 2010, he founded a mobile app company, Squiryl which had wide acceptance and deep penetration in Singapore and Indonesia. As a specialist in blockchain technology, smart contract programming and cryptocurrency, Alan is routinely invited as a panel speaker for technology and blockchain conferences in the region. He remains on the panel of advisors for a handful of tech startups. He holds a BSc (Economics) from the Singapore Institute of Management.


Edward Ti

General Counsel


Edward Ti, PhD, MSc, LLB, CAIA, a former government scholar awardee, holds degrees in law (C J Koh Scholar), real estate (Real Estate Developer’s Association of Singapore (REDAS) Gold Medalist) and land economy (PhD, Cambridge). He has broad regulatory and compliance experience in both public and private practice, where he practiced in leading international firms and advised several Fortune 500 companies. He has also been Commissioner to an Indonesian real estate Company, PT CRES Wisata since 2012.


Winston Yap

Chief Marketing Officer

Having a distinct creative mind in digital marketing with a strong background in IT, Winston is a serial entrepreneur with close to two decades of commercial experience. When Winston was just 20, he managed to seal business deals in the supply of steel for projects in Petronas Twin Tower and KL International Airport.

Because of his superior marketing strategy and endeavours in real estate, Winston emerged as one of the all-time top earners in the industry. Later, Winston founded a training school that has helped thousands of realtors bridge the online and offline marketing gap. Winston also owns a profitable ECommerce business that spans 60 countries with total sales revenue exceeding US$58M. As an early investor embracing blockchain technology, Winston now heads the strategic communication and marketing of DirectHome.


Geri Ong

Head of Public Relations

Geri is an aviation lawyer who has worked in the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. She has represented major banks, airlines, aircraft lessors and catering companies. Notable achievements include negotiating deals in excess of billion dollars for client airlines. Vivacious as she is, Geri is passionate about sustainable development and improving the welfare of the elderly, she has also led her own UNESCO projects in order to advocate causes for the same and was top fundraiser for several charity organisations.

Active in sports, Geri was also the goalkeeper for the Singapore National Women’s Waterpolo team for close to a decade. She received her law degree from the National University of Singapore.

Marketing Team


Erin NG

Marketing Director


Dickinson Siddharta

Digital Marketer


Michael Suwandi

Digital Marketer

Software Development Team


Ferry Pangestu

Lead Developer



Blockchain Developer


Patrick Armyn

Backend Developer


Omega Sekon

Backend Developer


Kevin Nicholas

Backend Developer



Drs. Hans A. Koning TIIM

Blockchain and Crypto-Currency insider

An internationally experienced advisor known for his drive and focus, Drs. Hans Koning TIIM is renown as an innovator, strategist, visionary, business developer, and successfully manager of companies, in all corners of the world. Drs. Koning has helped propel forward numerous enter-prises that started as mere ideas. "I love anything disruptive and innovative, but especially things that are odd or potentially throw me out of my comfort zone." Never afraid to adapt or innovate, Drs. Koning is a master in the world of cryptocurrency and frontier investment.

Daniel advisor

Daniel Teo


Daniel is the director of the Tong Eng Group of Companies and is also the Chairman and managing director of Hong How Group. The group has wide business interests ranging from property to investment development holdings. Having vast experience as director of public listed companies in Singapore, Daniel also served as an independent director of Courts (Singapore) Limited from 1993 to 2007 and Popular Holdings Limited from 1999 to 2005. He was also the President of the Real Estate Development Association of Singapore (REDAS) for numerous terms and also the World President of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI) from 2000- 2001.


Wang Shuang

Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, HNA Group (International) Company Limited


Wang Shuang serves as the Vice Chairman and CEO of HNA Group (International) Company Limited, previously serving as its CFO and COO. Wang Shuang joined HNA Group in 2007 where he successively served as the Head of Sales of Changjiang Leasing Co., Ltd from 2007 to 2010, the Vice President of GC Tankers Pte. Ltd from Aug 2010 to Apr 2012 and as Assistant to the President Seaco Asia Pte Ltd. from 2012 to 2014. He served as the Co-Chairman of CWT International Ltd (HNA Holding Group Co. Limited) from November 24, 2016 to December 13, 2017. He has been a Director of HNA Group (International) Company Limited since January 08, 2016. Wang Shuang is a graduate from the Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing.

John advisor

John Gaw


As a Managing Partner at LandConsult LPP since 2010, John offers consultancy services to developers, land and property owners and listed companies on land policy and planning matters. Prior to this, he was the Deputy Commissioner of Lands at Land Office and subsequently the Director, Land Resource Group at Singapore Land Authority (SLA). He has 26 years of experience in public land administration and was a key land operations officer overseeing direct sales/tenders & auctions, private treaty purchase, compulsory land acquisition, leasing, asset management, valuation and formulation of land policies.


Jin Chensu

MD, Cyrius International Pte Ltd

Chensu has been the MD of Cyrius International Pte Ltd since 2008, a Singapore AVA certified bird’s nest importing company, and a Jakarta based GMP-compliant manufacturing centre. A female entrepreneur who maintains optimistic vision for future and a firm believer of power of innovation, is among the first to venture into borderless social enterprise and female empowerment. Chensu holds a MSc (Communication Management) from Singapore Management University.


Ong Jun Hao

Founder, Blockconnectors.io

Consulted for more than 15 ICOs. He has helped grow various groups to approximately 20k-35k in size, including Strykz, Kinguin, BTU protocol, Lendo, AgentNotNeeded, Axens's Telegram groups. Build a total community of more than 200,000 across multiple ICOs. Raised more than $100 Million for all projects collectively.

Over 25,000 followers on different platforms. Passionate about Cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, blockchain. Deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market. Amassed over 18,000 followers on Telegram. He is an influencer in the Asia market.


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